Be part of Scandinavia’s largest Pride-festival

At Stockholm Pride, everyone from the board to festival management and staff works on a volunteer basis. Working as a volunteer is an incredibly fun, intense, developing and including experience, which many come back to year after year. Together we create a safe space for LGBTQ people, put LGBTQ questions on the political agenda and build the largest Pride-festival in the Nordic region!

Do note that you have to be 18 years old before your first work shift to be a volunteer at Stockholm Pride. You also need to get behind our values (Swedish only). We expect that you as a volunteer work (at least) five shifts, and in return you get a ticket valid throughout the entire festival. Every shift is 6-7 hours. If you cannot work five shifts you can still be a Parade volunteer, for which you will only work during the parade, Saturday August 6, and you get a ticket for the Saturday night parade-gala.

Foto: Olav Holten

Volunteering assignment

Below you can find a list of all available volunteer assignments. When you find what suits you, register by clicking the ”Become a volunteer!” button.

What happens then?
  • When you have registered we will get back to you for a phonecall. We do this to ensure that you get the correct assignment. It also gives you an opportunity to ask us questions.
  • We get many registrations and we all do this work during our spare time, so prepare for us to get back to you up to a month later.
  • During the spring/summer you will receive information and invitations, including to a mandatory training day. The training will be given a couple of times during the summer, and at least once in connection to the festival week.
  • Our plan is that everyone who has been accepted gets their schedule by June 15th. (If you register late, you may receive it later.)
  • Note that we cannot guarantee that you get the assignment you have applied for, the group may be full.
  • When it is time to begin working, all volunteers will be given clothes (two t-shirts) and a meal for each shift. In the volunteer cafes there will be drinks and snacka available when you are on a break.
  • All volunteers who work five shifts will get a festival ticket valid throughout the week.

General responsibility areas

Some groups work within areas that covers the entire festival, for example communication, volunteering coordination and command center.

  • General – first aid
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • General – cashiers office
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • General – command center
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • General – communication
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • General – volunteer coordination
    This assignment covers a longer period than just the festival week.

Assignments in service

Some groups offer services at several of the festival areas, for example ticket booths, visitor service and technics.

  • Service – technics
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • Service – exhibitor service
    When: July 31 – August 9
  • Service – cashregister
    When: July 31 – August 9
  • Service – transport
    When: July 31 – August 9
  • Service – visitor service
    When: July 31 – August 9

Assignments in Pride Park

Pride Park is Stockholm Pride’s big festival area, with stages, bars, authorities, etc., and lots of people celebrating Pride. These assignments are mainly within Pride Park.

  • Pride Park – entrance host
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • Pride Park – activity host
    When: August 3 – 6
  • Kinky Quarter – volunteer
    When: August 1 – 7
  • Pride Park – establishment and de-establishment
    When: July 27 – August 3 and August 7 – 9
  • Pride Park – stage camera
    When: August 2 – 7
  • Pride Park – material shed
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • Pride Park – the volunteer café
    When: July 27 – August 9
  • Pride Park – park service
    When: August 1 – 7
  • Pride Park – artist service
  • When: August 3 – 6
  • Pride Park – stage trench
    When: August 2 – 6
  • Pride Park – stage bumpers
    When: August 2 – 7

Assignments in Pride Young/Pride Kids

Pride Young is Stockholm Pride’s division for visitors between 13-25 years old. This year, Pride Young will arrange activities in both Pride Park and in other areas. Pride Kids is a division where Stockholm Pride welcomes parents with kids under 13 years old. Pride Kids will also be at Pride Park and in other areas.

  • Pride Young/Pride Kids – Pride Young/Pride Kids-host
    When: August 1 – 7

Assignments in Pride House

Pride House is the festival’s center for debates and seminars. To Pride House visitors come to expand their perspectives, increase their knowledge and strengthen their activism.

  • Pride House – seminar host
    When: Daytime August 1 – 5

Assignments in Pride Parade

Stockholm Pride’s parade – the highlight of the festival week and the largest event in the Nordic. Our manifestation for rights and love filling the streets of Stockholm with hundreds of people. Here many volunteers are needed, so most will be assigned a shift at the parade, even if they prefer working somewhere else.

  • Volunteer for a single day
    For the parade we also need people working just one day
  • Parade volunteer
    Full day August 6
  • Parade medical care
    Full day August 6