Stockholm Pride

29 July – 3 August 2024

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Stockholm Pride 2024: Stronger together

In recent years, our community has faced new challenges and setbacks. In various countries, hard-won rights have been questioned and revoked. Even in Sweden, we’re witnessing a tougher political climate and an intensified public debate. These challenges predominantly target certain parts of our community – some of us are more vulnerable than others.

With this year’s theme, we want to remind everyone of the most important principles of our community and, by extension, one of the fundamental principles of Swedish democracy: the equal value of all individuals, the right for everyone to embrace their true selves, and the freedom for all to love whom they choose. If these rights can be questioned for one person, they can be questioned for us all. This is an injustice we can never tolerate.

We recognize that the rights of all individuals are a collective responsibility. Our community is built on love and respect, a collaborative effort that transcends backgrounds. We stand united for one another, amplifying the voices of those silenced and oppressed. When someone feels overwhelmed by isolation, drowned out by oppressive forces, we – the community – stand ready to advocate for them. Together, we are stronger.

Photo: Thomas Persson

This is Stockholm Pride

The association Stockholm Pride is a not-for-profit and member-governed organisation for everyone that shares our values. The association’s board is appointed by the members at the annual meeting, usually after suggestions from the Nomination Committee. The board is responsible for the organisation between annual meetings and for recruiting the festival management.

The purpose of the association is to make LGBTQ+ issues visible, and create a safe environment for homosexual, bisexual, trans and queer people and all the gender expressions within the LGBTQ+ movement. The Stockholm Pride festival is arranged yearly since 1998 and is the largest Pride festival i the Nordic. All work surrounding the festival is on a voluntary basis. The festival consists of Pride House, Pride Park, Pride Parade and Pride Young/Pride Family.

Pride House

In Pride House we value and protect democratic communication and the importance of meeting one another, reflect on the past and look towards the future. Stockholm Pride is a platform where organisations, associations, businesses, political parties and individuals can meet and exchange experiences and talk about issues and challenges for the LGBTQ+ community. Here you can also find workshops, author talks and debates.

Pride House will be open from the 31st of July to the 4th of August between the hours of 11.00 and 17.00. Entrance to Pride House is free!

En vägg på Clarion Hotel Stockholm är täckt utav en färgglad reklamskylt för Pride House. Till vänster syns en regnbågsfärgad skylt "room for all"
Pride House 2019 at Clarion Hotel
Photo: Nils Carmel

Pride Park

In Pride Park we have amazing artists, exhibitioners, restaurants and bars for music and parties. Pride Park is in many ways the heart of the festival, where visitors, exhibitors, artists and volunteers gather to create Stockholm’s largest festival! In the area you can eat and drink well, meet new and old friends or see various performances at the large stage or one of the smaller ones.

In 2023 the park will be open from the 2nd to 5th of August at Östermalms IP. In order to gain entrance to Pride Park you will need to buy a ticket.

Important information for 2024

It is not allowed to bring bags into the public event area. Exceptions can be made for people who need to bring a bag for medical reasons into the event area. Exceptions can also be made for people with children who are in need of a diaper bag. Bags that are allowed will be thoroughly searched before the visitor is allowed entry to the event.

Pride Parade

The Stockholm Pride Parade is the largest Pride parade in all of Scandinavia with around 50 000 participants in the audience. It is a joyful and colorful manifestation of love for equal human rights and a demonstration for everybody’s equal right to love and be who they want to be. The parade marches through central Stockholm.

In 2023 the Parade will start at 13.00 on Saturday the 5th of August along Norr Mälarstrand, close to the city hall. It will travel about 4.5 kilometers and end at Östermalms IP where Pride Park is also located. The path is laid out in this map in green and it usually takes about 2 hours to walk.

As a singular private person you don’t need to register for anything, you can just join the crowd! If you are a larger group or have a vehicle you need to register.

If you have any additional questions, email us via the link below.

Foto: Frida Harenvall

Pride Young/Pride Family

Pride Young is for all youths between 13-25 years old and offers a meeting ground with exciting activities where you as LGBTQ+ youth can meet. Pride Young offers seminars and theme-days. Pride Family is for the whole family, old as young. At Pride Family everyone is welcome!

At Lava, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern’s (Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre’s) space for young culture, you between 14-25 years can make pins, paint, lend books and much more. Lava is located in Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre at level 4 and is open almost every day year round!

Solidarity Fund

Stockholm Pride is also managing a fund known as the Solidarity Fund to help other pride organizations around the world. You can learn more about it on our dedicated page.

Photo: Nils Carmel

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