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Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Stockholm Pride – the association, the festival and other things surrounding the organization. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, contact us through social media and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

Questions about the summerfestival

When is the pride festival in Stockholm? 

In 2024, the festival will take place from July 29th to August 3rd.

Where can I buy/collect my tickets?

You can buy and collect tickets in both Pride Park and in Pride House. If you have made a purchase in advance you can show the qr-code that came with the ticket and then recieve an entrance band to wear around your wrist. These bands need to be retrieved by the person who will wear it since we put them on on the spot.

Please observe that if you choose to pay in any of Stockholm Pride’s box offices there will be an additional fee of 35 SEK. Therefor please but tickets in the ticketshop online.

How much do tickets to the Stockholm Pride festival cost?

For the whole week, a full-price ticket costs SEK 900 and a reduced price SEK 650 (for those aged 15-26, students, 65+, including people with a beneficiary certificate issued by the Social Insurance Agency).

For one day in Pride Park (Wed-Sat) a full-price ticket costs SEK 450 and a reduced price SEK 300 (for those aged 15-26, students, 65+, including people with a beneficiary certificate issued by the Social Insurance Agency).

Pride House has free entry.

Why did you raise the prices on the tickets 2023?

Ticket prices for the festival have gone up and down over the years that the festival has been running, but we haven’t actually raised prices since 2012. Before the anniversary festival, we raised the prices, both to meet the expenses we have, but also to organize a better and more enjoyable festival.

Will there be day tickets?

Of course there will be day tickets! Day ticket sales start closer to the festival, usually a week or so before the festival starts.

Where can I buy the DogTag?

You buy the DogTag at the same time as you buy your ticket, you get this as an option through Tickster. You will also be able to buy it in both House and Park at the box offices.

What does accessibility look like?

Pride Park is located on a sports field. Part of the ground surface is covered by a relatively smooth floor. At the edges of the floor there are strips that make it easier for wheelchairs. The rest of the pitch is covered with artificial grass. Pride Park’s catering as well as the exhibitor tents (with companies, authorities and organizations) have floors.

Permobiles must be driven at low speed as there are cooling coils under the artificial grass which are sensitive to greater stresses. Cables and the like that are laid on the ground have cable trays that can be walked over.

A number of disabled toilets are available in Pride Park. Codes for their locks can be obtained from visitor services, which are both inside Pride Park and outside, at the ticket offices.

Pride House is located at Clarion Stockholm, which is a modern conference facility with ramps, lifts and accessible toilets. For premises where a fixed hearing loop is not installed, portable ones are available in limited quantities. Notify the volunteers in the room in good time if this is desired.

What can’t I bring to Pride Park?

You may not bring your own food or drink, it is fine to bring an empty plastic water bottle. There are water taps to refill your bottle for free in Pride Park. It is also allowed to bring an umbrella but it is not allowed to use it in front of the stage, since it can obstruct the view for other guests.

It is also not permitted to bring the following items with you:

  • Arms or weapons
  • Sharp or piercing objects
  • Glass bottles
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Signs and banners
  • Pets (service dogs/guide dogs are exempt and may accompany inside)

What about guides?

Guides are of course welcome into the park and Pride House, regular ticket prices apply. You can often apply for compensation for your companion’s entry from your municipality.

Can you bring a dog into the park?

For everyone’s comfort in the park, dogs are not allowed. Exceptions obviously applies to service dogs, they are allowed to be brought into the area.

What does the security look like at this years festival?

Without going into too many details, we can tell you this about the security:

The surrounding world affects us in the exact same way that it affects everyone else and we adapt alongside current events. During the 25 years that we have arranged the festival, a close collaboration with police, Säpo and the Stockholm city security division has been the foundation of how we work with security and it still is today. All resources are planned from the threat analysis that we and the people we collaborate with make. We do not give out detailed descriptions of our securityorganisations structure.

What are the age restrictions for the parade and park? Are children allowed to participate in the Stockholm Pride festival?

The Stockholm Pride festival is for everyone, and of course that also includes children and families. Regarding Pride Park, our policy is that children under 15 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18 years old) with a valid ticket, and the child then enters the park for free. The child ticket must always contain the mobile number of the responsible adult. From the age of 15, you can buy a youth ticket and then enter the park yourself.

In addition, children under the age of 13 years old must use earmuffs if they are in the sound cone from the stage to protect their hearing.

Can I volunteer if I don’t speak Swedish?  

You are very welcome to be a volunteer at Stockholm Pride even though you don’t speak Swedish. However, what and where you can be involved may be affected. You can read more about volunteering at this page, and for more information please contact [email protected].

I am a partner/community activist/artist and wish to participate in one of your events, how to I go about that?

If you have any questions about participation in the festival, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

My and my organization want to be partners and support Stockholm Pride, how do we go about that?

We are very excited about your will to participate! We offer several levels of partnership 2023. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

I have a question about the participation of a specific person/political party/other specific group…

The association Stockholm Pride is politically and religiously unbound, and we always aim to meet everyone as we want to be met – inclusively and accepting. With that said, we do take a stand against those who do not share or respect our values.

During the planning of each festival, this is taken into consideration, and we are careful when we consider who will, or will not, be part of our platforms.

The following three criteria apply for a political party to be able to participate in Stockholm Pride:

  1. The party must have a mandate in the municipal council in the city of Stockholm or in Sweden’s Parliament
  2. The party must sign Stockholm Pride’s core values
  3. The party must actively work for reforms that are positive for the LGBTQ+ community

For more information, please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you!

Is there good accommodation near the festival?

The association Stockholm Pride can recommend Strawberry Hotels, which has hotels near both Park and House.

Can Stockholm Pride arrange accomodation for volunteers?

.Unfortunately, we cannot. We can only recommend hotels in the area.

Håkan Hellström plays at Stadion at the same time as the festival, how will it work?

With Håkan Hellström playing at Station at the same time as Stockholm Pride is taking place at Östermalm’s IP, there will be lots of people moving around the area at the same time. We therefore recommend that visitors to Pride Park travel to the subway station Stadion and visitors to the Håkan Hellström concert travel to the subway station Tekniska Högskolan.

Questions regarding the association

How has the accosiation Stockholm Pride been affected by the pandemic? What happens with your finances?

The association Stockholm Pride has been affected noticably both in terms of volunteers and financially. Most of our revenue comes from the summer festival, but we have also build a financial stability during the years, and we are ready to handle the situation. 

What does the association’s board and leadership look like?

The board is elected at the annual meeting. The current board is presented here (Swdish only).

Other questions

We pursue political issues, can we get support from Stockholm Pride?

Stockholm Pride is by and for those who take part in and respect the culture that has its roots in homosexual’s, bisexual’s, transpeople’s, queera people’s and intersex people’s lives. Apart from that, Stockholm Pride is non-partisan and religiously unbound.