Last weekend the open society was yet again under violent attack. Driven by hatred towards love, violence struck against our way of living. People had gathered – to party, to dance, to have a good time. Some had gathered for a few hours to be themselves, to be free, to express their human rights.

Threats to Pride festivals and to the LGBT community is unfortunately nothing new. This means that we are accustomed to working with current security issues. Stockholm Pride Festival will be held in just over one month. It is quite natural that many people, after an incident like this, are concerned and express their fear. Since the very first Stockholm Pride Festival in 1998 we have kept a close and continuous dialogue with the police and Security Service. And of course, this year is no exception.

The attack recalls, again, the constant need to be aware of issues of safety and advance safety routines. As organizers, out most important responsibility is to make sure that people feel secure, and to do what we can to actually keep people safe. This year’s festival and beyond.

None of what has happened will silence us. We as an organization will not be silenced, we as a community will not be silences. We shall all continue to do what the Pride Movement does best. We shall lead the way to improve human rights, and we shall continue to provide a free zone of politics, culture, celebration, and of joy.

This weekend’s atrocious tragedy, reminds us of the significance, meaning and value of Pride Celebration – locally and globally.

In a few weeks, Stockholm Pride Festival will be heard all the way to Orlando, Florida. 

All our love, 

Christian Valtersson
Stockholm Pride, President

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