About Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Pride is, according to the bylaws of the association, made for those who feel they are part of and respect the culture that has its roots in the lesbian’s, gay’s, bisexual’s, transgender’s and queer’s life. This is manifested by annually organizing the cultural festival Stockholm Pride. Stockholm Pride is politically and religiously independent.

Stockholm Pride is working to strengthen LGBTQ persons’ life situations and rights. The association’s goal is to make heteronormativity and LGBTQ persons visible in the greater society. The festival is a joyful and free area for LGBTQ persons and it works towards promoting LGBTQ persons’ claiming of their space within the public sphere.


Basic Values

The basic values of Stockholm Pride permeates all activites and events of the association. Everyone who works for the assocaiton should follow the basic values of the association. The basic values also include external partners to the festival.
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Stockholm Pride is part of a global movement, where Pride celebrations are a central means to improve the living conditions and civil rights of LGBTQ people. The movement began 1969 with the riots at Stonewall Inn in New York, when LGBTQ people manifested their pride and community by opposing the harassments of the New York Police force. The struggle for liberation and equality for LGBTQ people has been celebrated in different ways in Stockholm since 1979, when the first ”Liberation Week” was arranged by the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights (RFSL). Stockholm Pride is an independent non-profit organisation since 1998.
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Stockholm Pride Non-violence Policy

Adopted 25 May 2008

Stockholm Pride condemns violence, and contempt for human life. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the position of Stockholm Pride regarding violence, and threat of violence, as well as enunciate how the association strives to further the opposite – respect for human rights and equal human worth, democracy and peace.

  • Stockholm Pride embraces non-violence , which permeates all operations and cooperations.
  • A well developed security planning, firmly integrated with the operations of the association, is pivotal to prevent violence during, or in connection to events arranged by Stockholm Pride.
  • People, groups or organisations that expressly apots violence, or threat of violence, are not welcome at the festival.
  • Stockholm Pride works to minimise the risks of violence at other pride festivals, both nationally, as internationally.
Our values

1 § The association Stockholm Pride commits to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

2 § The association Stockholm Pride is working towards strengthening LGBTQ persons’ rights and actively disaffiliates from all forms of discrimination such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

3 § The association Stockholm Pride solidarizes with other movements at risk of discrimination and oppression, and that act in the same spirit as Stockholm Pride.

4 § The association Stockholm Pride is open to all who share the above mentioned values.

The Solidarity Fund

Free and accepted Pride festivals are nowadays taken for granted in Sweden. This is not the case in other parts of the world! The International Solidarity Fund of Stockholm Pride supports Pride celebrations in other countries.

One of the core ideas behind Pride festivals is to occupy the public space as a means to make visible that which is important to LGBTQ persons. The possibilities to arrange Pride festivals, and the opposition against them, varies significantly between countries.

What Stockholm Pride does to help others

Stockholm Pride works to support Pride festivals outside of Sweden that do not have the possibility to arrange their own celebrations, or other activities, without economic or political support. Means to fund the international work  is collected through the International Solidarity Fund of Stockholm Pride.

The Solidarity fund is funded by revenue from different activities during Stockholm Pride, such as sales revenue from official Stockholm Pride song records, sales of image rights, donations during the festival, container deposit refunds, and fund raising activities. Anyone can make a donation to the fund, by transferring money into the Solidarity Fund account, bank giro 303-0996.

During 2008 and 2009, the Solidarity fund supported Warsaw Pride. This was done as a means to support Warsaw in their ambitions to host EuroPride 2010. The appointment of Warsaw as host for EuroPride 2010 was important, as it was the first time a large international Pride festival was celebrated in Eastern Europe, where, in many countries, the situation for LGBTQ people is still very troublesome.

During 2010, the Solidarity fund supported Zagreb Pride, which is a relatively small, annually arranged, Pride festival. The reality for LGBTQ people in Croatia is quite different compared to Sweden, even though Croatia offers legal protection for LGBTQ people. The Zagreb Pride Parade, consisting of 500 participants, needs police protection. Attacks and violence against participants happens every year, despite police protection. By supporting Zagreb Pride, we also support Pride festivals in Eastern Europe. Zagreb Pride received funding, but also political support.

In 2011, the main beneficiary was the Queer Festival in St. Petersburg.


As a member, you show your support for the activities of Stockholm Pride, and have the possibility to influence the work and development of the association. Through your membership, you also show that you stand behind the values of Stockholm Pride. Your membership is valid one year at a time, and you are also welcome to participate in the annual general meeting of Stockholm Pride.

You can pay your membership with credit card by clicking on the link provided with your membership option, or by transferring your fee directly to our account, bank giro 5792-8962. Please state your name, date of birth (year, month, day), address and email.

If you want to stay updated about what is going on in the association, you can send us your contact information.

Do you have questions about becoming a member, or about your membership?
[email protected]

Private individuals
The membership fee for a private individual is 100 kr per year. Private individuals have one (1) vote at member meetings of the association. Pay with credit card (new page).

The membership fee for associations is 100 kr per every 100 members, with a cap at 1 000 kr. At member meetings, the assocation has one (1) vote per 100 members, with a cap at ten (10) votes. Pay membership with credit card (opens on new page).


The membership fee for businesses is 1 000 kr per year. Business members have one (1) vote at member meetings. Pay membership fee with credit card (new page).

The Board of Stockholm Pride

The board of Stockholm Pride works strategically to develop the activities and engagements of the association, by looking at social development in society, as well as suggestions and input from members, and visitors to the festival. Rather than working with specifics, the board works with the main picture by making strategic decisions about where the long term development of the association. The goal is to plan for future festivals.

Being a member of the board is a voluntary committment, and everyone who is interested in becoming a member should keep in mind that it is a fairly time consuming task, that requires both individual work between board meetings, as well as active participation at meetings. Members of the board are expected to share, and follow, the basic values of the association.

Do you have any questions to the board, or about the work that the board does? 
[email protected]

The Board of Stockholm Pride

Christian Valtersson (chairperson)
Mattias Kristoffersson
Britta Davidsohn
Maria Gustafsson
Viktoria Herjeryd
Madeleine Blom
Victor Harju
Zayera Khan

The Election Committee

The Election Committee prepares a suggestion to a new board, as well as accountants and auditors to the annual general meeting. The election committee works throughout the year to find appropriate candidates to a new board.

The suggestion that the election committee presents to the annual general meeting should represent the entire width of the LGBTQ community. The board should, as far as possible, consist of people who together share the different experiences and insights required to lead the development of the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia. The election committee observes the work of the board throughout the year, and conducts interviews with the board, both individually and as a whole, to get input to their work finding candidates.

The election committee will also contact the members of the association (both individuals and organisations), as well as the volunteers of the festval, to inform about the nomination process. The election committee also has the ambition to participate during member meetings, and other activities arranged by the association. 

Do you want to get in touch with the election committee?
[email protected]

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