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Stockholm Pride Parade is the largest Pride Parade in Scandinavia. It is an event that should not be missed.

The Parade procedes through the city of Stockholm on Pride week Saturday, as the single largest event of Stockholm Pride. It is a joyous and colourful manifestation of love and liberty, as well as a demonstration for everybody’s right to love whomever they want to. The Parade is carried out under the freedom of assembly, and everyone is invited to participate or watch. The Parade is made up of 45 000 participants, marching through Stockholm, 200 floats and vehicles, and attracts 450 000 spectators to the streets of Stockholm

The Parade starts on Saturday the 30th of July, at 1 pm.

The start is this year located to Norr Mälarstrand on Kungsholmen. The starting point is Kungsholmstorg, from which the Parade proceeds through central Stockholm, via Norr Mälarstrand – Hantverkargatan – Stadshusbron – Tegelbacken – Rödbodtorget – Vasagatan – Kungsgatan – Sturehatan – Lidingövägen, all the way to Pride Park, at Östermalms IP.

The Parade usually takes 2 hours to reach it’s destination.

Pride Parade is best experienced as a participant. So how does one sign up?
Private individuals
Welcome! As a private individual, you do not have to register in advance. You just need to find a good spot in the parade, and join!
Non-profits, government agencies, associations or groups

Associations and groups wanting to participate in the parade must register in advance. Fill in the form and estimate how many participants you will have. This makes it easier for us to plan the start area.

  • Associations, government agencies, schools and other non-profits do not have to pay the commercial fee.

Companies wanting to participate, and promote their brands (name, logo, or products) are classed by Stockholm Pride as commercial floats, and are thus required to pay a commercial fee. The fee is included in the Gold and Silver levels of our sponsor packages. Bronze, Official Supporters and others can pay the fee to receive the right to promote their brands by participating in the Parade.

The commercial fee for 2016 is 75 000 kr (taxes not included).

Commercial floats and vehicles are placed in the back part of the Parade, whereas sponsors and supporters are placed in the front part.

Read more about our sponsorship programmes (in Swedish).

Intresseanmälan fordon eller gågrupp

Vehicles and larger groups of pedestrian participants must be registered in advance. Registering a vehicle entails a registration fee, that must be paid immediately according to our procedures.

  • Registration fee is 1000 kr, if a vehicle is registered before midnight July 19.
  • If a vehicle is registered after July 19, the fee is 2000 kr.
  • Groups of pedestrians do not have to pay an administrative fee.

Last day to register a vehicle or a group of pedestrian participants is July 22. 

Payment Routines and Billing

Please read through our routines for payment and billing (in Swedish)

The parade route is changed due to construction work at Slussen.

– Best places to watch the parade (coming soon)
– Traffic information (coming soon)

Rules for participation

In order to participate in Pride Parade, a participant must share the core values of Stockholm Pride, as well as the rules and codes of conduct of Pride Parade. Directions from the Parade management, or Parade functionaries, must be heeded. Read more about the rules and codes of conduct for Stockholm Pride.

Pride Parade Rules

All rules and directions from parade management, section management or team leaders must be heeded. 

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the Parade management

Pride Parade Rules

Common Regulations

Act on Public Order (Ordningslagen 1993:1617) applies for participation in the Parade, and throughout the parade.

  • All directions from Stockholm Pride parade volunteers must be followed.
  • Every participant is responsible for their own litter. Littering is prohibited by law.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the parade för all participants.
  • Swedish law prohibits masks or otherwise covering your face during a public march. If you have questions, please contact the Police (phone number 114 14).
  • Throwing items from vehicles, or by pedestrian groups, is prohibited, so leave confetti and other similar things at home. It is, however, okay to hand out items to spectators, as long as this is done in an orderly fashion, and as long as it does not cause littering, or slow down the parade.
  • All groups and floats should keep even distance to their distance to the group in front of them so as to prevent gaps in the parade.
  • Music on a float must be notified in advance. Playing music is not allowed in the start and finish areas of the parade. Volume must be turned down considerably when the float passes parade announcers.
  • Maximum volume limit is 100 dBa.
  • Should something happen that interrupts the parade, or if you have questions, please contact the parade management, section manager or team leaders, who have radios for calling medical staff or the police.


  • Both smaller vehicles and cars, must be accompanied by wheel guards at either side of the vehicle. Larger vehicles, such as trucks and busses, must have wheel guards at each wheel. Wheel guards must be dedicated to this task only.
  • All vehicles will be inspected by the traffic police regarding traffic safety and emissions. A vehicle might be taken out of the parade if it does not meet appropriate requirements.
  • Vehicles shorter than 12 meters, and lower than 4.5 meters do not need permission. The float organiser is responsible for vehicle meeting appropriate requirements. Special permission is required if the vehicle is longer than 12 meters. Float organiser is responsible for acquiring the approriate permission. For permissions, pelase contact

    Trafikkontoret, Tillstånd
    Box 8311
    104 20 Stockholm
    Phone: 08-508 272 00

    Visitors: Fleminggatan 4

  • Feel free to decorate your vehicle, but do not cover the radiator, since it increases the risk for overheating.
  • It is strictly forbidden to disembark or climb onboard a vehicle during the parade.


  • A participant who breaks parade rules, or acts in a way that disrupts or interrupts the parade, may be dismissed from the parade by Festival Manager, Parade Manager, Parade Management, Security Manager, or anyone temporarily appointed in their stead. A dismissed participant should immediately, and without delay remove theirself from the parade. Participation fees will not be refunded.

Rules for vehicles with open cargo areas

The general regulations of the Swedish Traffic Agency applies to trucks and vehicles with participants traveling in open cargo areas.

Following rules applies to traveling in the open caro area of a truck or similar vehicle:

  • The number of passangers allowed onto the open cargo area must be limited to an amount that does not pose any danger. Passengers must be placed in a way that does not pose any danger.
  • The cargo area must have firm bars, at least 110 cm high. Seats or benches must be fixated.
  • The passenger area may not have irregularities, proturbing parts or sharp edges that can increase the risk for injuries to passengers.
  • Passengers must be able to contact the driver directly through a reliable communications system, should there be a mishap or an unexpected event that would call for the attention of the driver. Call must be online throughout the parade, should a mobile phone be used.
  • The vehicle may not drive faster than 20 km per hour. The vehicle may not be driven on roads where the speed limit is faster than 70 km per hour.
  • The driver must be at least 21 years of age, and have a drivers license with the appropriate permissions. Driver must have held license at least two (2) years. If the vehicle is a tractor with a haul, the driver must have a class B drivers license, and meet the aforementioned requirements.
  • The haul must be securely attached to the vehicle pulling it. Only one haul is allowed, and must be secured as not to risk toppling.

Please consider the following:

  • The safety increases if everyone sits down on secured, attached, benches. Vehicles have toppled due to uneven loads due to a large number of people standing at one side of the cargo area.
  • Make sure that the bars can stand pressure from a large number of people leaning against them.
  • Plan your participation in the parade carefully, paying special attention to cables and other electric wiring, bridges, zoning etc. along the way.
  • Maximum allowed speed is 20 km per hour.
  • A ”cargo area host” who does not participate in the celebration, can be of considerable help during the parade, and also increase safety.

Please contact the parade management if you have any questions

Please make sure you have read and understood the rules and code of conduct of Pride Parade before you proceed with your registration.

Please notice that the registration form is in Swedish.