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About Stockholm Gay life

About Stockholm Gay life

Gay life in Stockholm is like the city itself: easily accessible, hugely fun, easy on the eyes, highly varied, warm and welcoming. Stockholm can be gay, gay-friendly, or simply friendly.

Swedes are not famous for bragging, but there is no denying that Stockholm is considered as one of the most beautiful citys in the world.

The capital spreads out upon fourteen islands, between the deep blue of the Baltic Sea and the tranquil Lake Mälaren. With it’s medieval origins, dating back more than 750 years, Stockholm is a mix of cobblestone and ancient alleyways and modern day architecture. With it’s rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide selection of world-class museums and attractions.

Stockholm has no gay enclave as such, but gay and gay-friendly establishments are scattered throughout the city and rainbow flags fly high in many of Stockholm’s central districts. But the greatest concentration of gay bars and clubs is to be found in two areas: the trendy Södermalm district and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, one of the best-kept medieval cities in the world.

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